Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Mum just told me (via Skype - you must try it!!) that you got a HD at Uni!! Are they giving them away these days???
The photo is sunset last evening!!

Where are you (both?) is it Paris yet??? Remember we'll always have Paris!

I'm having great fun on the farm at Junee. Looking after the sheep. The old term is Shepherd, nowadays it is called sheep husbandry (very NZ). The ewes are lambing at a great rate at the momet so most of the work is in checking the sheep andbeing midwife if necessary ( or executioner if it goes wrong!!) and move the sheep to fresher pastures (very biblical) (Should that be greener or is that new age?)

If you don't think we are doing any work check

I hhope all is well and thet you both are surviving the heat!! Evans is the only one who isn't on drugs on the tour!!! When you look at Vinakourov I think I'll try a transfusion myself!!


Dad (Mum by proxy)

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ben said...

it's funny that I'm in Europe but have been following the tour more in online than on TV. It's a great shame that there seem to be so many scandals this year, Rasmussen has done well but even he's under suspicion now! It'll be great to see Cadel come into Paris regardless and hopefully on the podium. Sheep husbandry sounds like a whole lot of fun, and I'm sure you're getting stuck in. I'm in Berlin but leave tomorrow night for an overnight bus to Paris (13 hours!) Maddy's waiting for me there! Berlin continues to amaze and I'd love to come back some day.
Speak soon,
love ben