Sunday, July 15, 2007

Remembering to use this thing

Hi All,
Thought I'd send you a message to say that i'm doing well and enjoying Amsterdam with Toby, plenty to see and do, we've most liked biking all over town, usually getting lost but eventually finding our way. The coffee shops and red light are seedy as expected but the city itself is beautiful and so easy to get around. We've been to the Van Gogh musuem which was great and still have a day and a half to do things before heading to berlin. I'm not sure if i'm goin to Vienna but I'm gonna sort it out from Berlin. Hope everyone is doing well in Sydney, sorry for my lack of contact but Amsterdam is expensive and difficult when it comes to phones and internet. But it is still and very cool city and we've got more of it to see today. Keep me posted on happenings at home! Maddy's on the plane now which is pretty exciting and it won't be long til we meet in Paris! Love to all!


p.s. can dad please check my balance and maybe transfer some cash in my savings?

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