Monday, July 30, 2007

Champs Elysee!!!!

Well we managed to get a great spot on the Champs to watch the Tour yesterday mainly because I made us get there early but had misunderstood when they were coming in - by about three hours! Still it was worth it once the helicopters appeared overhead and the crowd started buzzing then, suddenly there they were, zooming past with me frantically trying to spot a peach coloured number 41. It was really amazing to be there and we ended up with some older aussies who were entertaining and helped us out with our yelling and Aussie Aussie Aussies. Such a great experience but kind of funny because the crowd doesn't really know what's happening, and the French didn't really have anyone to cheer, plus when it finished everyone just kind of looks around til they work out who one. Mind you the riders all look very happy and relieved when they cross that finish line! If you saw Cadel on the podium, Maddy and I were over his right shoulder about fifty metres back in the crowd (finding a well deserved place to park our arses after about 5 hours standing in the one spot).
Paris is treating us both well and we have a wonderful little piece of Montmatre to spend our evenings in. Today we're headed to the Louvre and tomorrow to Versailles, so we're keeping busy and I'm sure the time will be over before we know it. Hope all is well, love to everyone,

Ben xoxoxo

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