Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Hi all,

Sorry to hear about Les but glad hear (and see) that he's ok. Tell him that I understand what it feels like and not to worry :) Florence was nice but a little overwhelming for us with tourists and heat and next to no locals in sight as they've all gone on holidays. We escaped to Verona for a few nights and really enjoying it here, it's like a mini Florence and it's beautiful, although a little quiet as well as it's a uni town and it's holidays. Still next is Rome where there is guaranteed to be plenty to do and lots of fun to be had.
So the intinerary will be from here on:

south to:

east to:
Bari/Barletta (as in La Disfida di Barletta)/Lecce

ferry to:
Croatia - Dubrovnik & Split

back to:

for a flight to:
Morocco! (Sept 30, in time for Maddy's birthday on Oct 2)

Will update you on things from there,

love to everybody!!!


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Les has been in Hospital!! But he's allright.

Les was taken to Canterbury Hospital by ambulance last Saturday afternoon. He was kept in until Sunday after lunch with waht was diagnosed as an"episode" of asthma - not surprising given his genetic pool. Clare was a bit worried but the hospital was geat and he is fine now although he needs to have Ventolin this week but probably not permenently!!

This video was taken at home on Sunday so you can see that he is fine!!

It was great to get your email from Florence seems strange to see Florence as hot!! I have been there twice in winter!! Glad CT was so good will have to tell Kathy and Peter.

Mum said to say that she wore your jumper to work today!! 3 days to go!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Great to talk with U. God bless Technology!!

How good is Europe???

A couple of videos to keep You in touch

Friday, August 10, 2007

Just Catching Up

This is a video from about four weeks ago now I just hadn't managed to process it.

I'll write more later!!