Friday, June 29, 2007


So im here and ive got a bed, and had a full night's sleep as well. Spent most of yesterday just wandering around in a bit of a daze, i'm going to have a bit more of a plan today, which will probably involve climbing the steeple of the massive Dom K├Âlner cathedral, it's quite amazing actually and totally dominates the city, which means i have to get a little further afield to really find what's going on here.
I feel much better for some rest today and can't wait to get out and explore properly around the rhine and the rest of the city.
Hope all is well back home, I'm sure i'll have plenty to report after only a short time here. I think i'll be here for the weekend then maybe catch the train somewhere else for a couple of days and then come back for Summerjam.

- ben.

Blog is Open to You Now

I don't think it was the German computer!! I have changed some settings!

It is half past 4 am here...don't ask me why I am awake!! Anxiety???

They say it is inherited out!

Ade says Woof and licks!

Love Dad

Thursday, June 28, 2007

We're missing you already!!!

It is only 24 hours but we have already started to miss you!!

It is funny to think that you have gone for so long. As Nanny said: "IthinkI miss him more than the others, ... little Ben!!"

We hope you have arrived safely in Germany (It is around 6 on Thursday night here so you have been gone about 27 hours .. so hopefully you are there by now!!)